#Radio #Interview On #ChatandSpin – #Free #BookMarketing #Promotional Op

If you’re a Book Author, Writer of any sort, Artist with a message, Illustrator, Business Owner or if you run a Pod-Cast or Charity, Chat and Spin Radio wants to help you get your message out.  They offer a brief, but FREE, 5-15 minute spot on their internet radio show that is broadcast to half a million UK and International listeners each week.  

Check out their website 

I recently did my second interview with them. It’s simple.  You download Skype, they send you a few questions so you can prepare your answers, they set up a time and then you’re ON The Air!

If you’re interested, please reach out to IAN JOHNSON VIA chatandspin@gmail.com 

Be sure to tell them Cynthia A. Morgan sent you….It will improve your chances of getting on the air THIS WEEK! (I promise, I get nothing in return.)


BEST of Luck! 




***The Promotional Spot is FREE, however, they are a small business hit hard by COVID.  Do not be surprised when they ask for a charitable donation.  I’ve paid for plenty of marketing promotions and a “Whatever-you-can-afford” donation that you can actually claim on your taxes is, in my opinion, a reasonable compensation.*** 


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