Yield- Of #Choices, #Challenges, and #Change – A #BookReview on #Love

Marley Cover has lived in Lake Wales, Florida, since she was five.

While the country heads into the Vietnam War, a small town anxiety overtakes her, as she desperately searches for the man of her dreams.

Marley focuses on her career as a physical therapist and meets her first patient, Peter Rensen, son of a local ranch owner, who doesn’t wait long to propose marriage. Peter adores her and he’s a good man, but sparks are not flying for Marley. Longing for a family of her own, she eventually relents and says “I do.” She has every reason to say yes and only one to say no.She meets that reason on her wedding day. His name is Warren, and he’s just come back to town. From the first touch of his hand, Marley is infatuated, but her decision has already been made.

The accompanying anxiety of the war looms on, as Marley struggles with the intimate impact of the burgeoning uncertainties of these troubled times.
Torn between love and loyalty, Marley faces some of the toughest decisions of her life.

My Review:

Love is a beguiling treasure that is rare and beautiful.  As rare and beautiful, perhaps, as a similarly beguiling story and that is exactly what Yield is…a treasure that speaks softly, often sadly, and yet fills the reader with a truly rare gift.  A truly beautiful story!
Gently told, the life of the main character Marley reminds us of what used to be the norm.  Though in today’s Me-First world, the choices Marley makes may seem unthinkable, or at the very least, improbable, we are reminded that not so long ago the world was quite different.
Women had fewer choices and had to face far different challenges to find true happiness.
Though Marley finds her choices difficult, the beauty of the story lies in how she deals with the challenges of her decision(s).  How she is able to find strength through the decisions she makes and how her life changes in ways she never anticipated through those decisions.  The story is a reminder of virtues we’ve seem to have left behind, but perhaps ought to remember.
Being a poet, I also particularly enjoyed the inspirational quotes that lead off each chapter and how those quotes are exemplified through the events or the emotions prompted by the events that unfold as the story moves along.
Lovely and inspirational as well as revealing and thought-provoking,  I could easily see this becoming a Hallmark Channel movie.  If you enjoy a touching story that instills valuable and relevant life lessons, Tiernan’s books are for you!

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