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If you’re looking for your next book review read, The Mercy Series is a (Dark) Fantasy Dystopian Drama that has been compared to Stephen King’s Gunsligner opus and Bernard Shaw’s historical fiction; Outlander and Game of Thrones!

“Clandestine reminds me of an awesome blend between Bernard Cromwell’s historical fiction (if you haven’t read it, see “The Last Kingdom”) and Steven King’s Gunslinger opus.  It’s an excellent balancing act that draws you in and makes the story somehow feel plausible, thus allowing you to share in the emotion of the characters along the way.” – Audrey Dickman Reviewer 5 Stars

Author Cynthia A. Morgan has crafted a beautifully atmospheric fantasy piece that delivers on all fronts of storytelling. Readers seeking strong characters with realistically developed emotions will enjoy the central pair, who are put to the test in many exciting ways as the novel unfolds. For those who admire the worldbuilding elements of fantasy fiction, Morgan delivers a lavish world with beautiful word choices that highlight the supernatural characters and the very hellish villains that populate this dangerous future world. And for readers seeking a solid plotline, the work moves extremely well through peaks and troughs of action and emotional resonance, giving a fully rounded journey that they can accompany the heroes on and feel satisfied with for the second novel’s conclusion. Overall, I would recommend Clandestine to fans of the existing series, but also to readers looking to dive into an action-packed fantasy work that has it all.” – K C Finn Readers Favorite 5 Star Review



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