Silken Scales by Alex Hayes – An Unexpectedly Delightful #Action-packed #YA #SciFi #Paranormal #Fantasy #Romance …with scales!


What happens when a teenager is suddenly faced with the unthinkable? What if you woke up one day and suddenly discovered everything about your life wasn’t what you thought it was? What if you were unexpectedly something other than what you thought you were?

Well, in Silken Scales, you get to experience the unimaginable right along with the main character. No, neither of you have any idea what is going on, and that’s part of the magic of this truly creative and uniquely spun tale. Even more interestingly, readers also get to experience other character’s perspectives through varying points of view throughout the story. It’s a kaleidoscopic journey that not only sends you down the rabbit hole, but the worm hole as well.

Idris had no idea just how different he was until different seemed an understatement. He is left looking for answers with the only other person who is able to provide any insights and that’s because she, too, has been faced with the unthinkable. They are not what they thought they were. They are not human!

This is a wonderful Young Adult tale, full of all the struggles young adults face: anger and angst, bullying and bravado, aliens, invasions, turning into a green-scaled rendition of yourself with super-hero like gifts.

If you take it simply for what it is, then the story is entertaining and wonderfully descriptive (I love all the details the author wove into the story, although some readers may find them a bit of a quagmire). If you look at the story from outside the box, or the solar system perhaps, you can see an entirely ‘other’ level. A metaphorical insight into young adulthood and how difficult being a young adult can be.

Although, in most cases the challenges we all face as teenagers don’t include the possibility of being eaten by an alien!


Alex Hayes lives in a castle. Not one of those dark, damp ones in England (or Scotland even) where it rains all the time, but a white one with the view of a volcano where it’s sunny 364 days out of the year. She hosts four cats. One white queen. Two black knights. And a ginger jester, famed for her impressive backflips and pirouettes. Alex is considering turning her castle into a cat sanctuary. It all depends on whether she can find a way to pay the food bills. (If you think she should, buy her books. The cats will thank you.) When she isn’t writing, she’s thinking about what to write next, while working on her tan. (Vitamin D rules.) She’s a vegetarian (almost vegan) who believes in love not war, feminine power, and enjoys singing (usually quite badly).

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