Gairynzvl- The Dark One- A #CharacterSpotlight for #YAFantasy #DarkFey #Trilogy


The artwork that inspired Gairynzvl as a Dark One and his description, as taken from Dark Fey:  The Reviled.

He dwarfed her diminutive stature by at least fourteen inches and had a lithe, powerfully muscular physique.  His shoulder length hair was the color of shimmering ice, both white and silver.  He wore a full-length coat with burnished gold lacings and buttons, with armor-like plates embellishing his broad shoulders and with dark crimson and vibrant silver silk accentuating the deep lapels of the coat he wore open across his broad chest.  The multiple belts and chokers crisscrossing his close fitted vest, his pants and boots; all were black leather with similar burnished gold fittings and, although she never would have imagined a Dark One dressing so strikingly, he wore a double flounced cravat and golden choker with an enormous ruby glimmering from its heart.

His vast dragon-like pinions were deep black and blood-red, stretching fully twice his height in length, yet with vicious spines at each joint and tip they seemed even larger and were hideously frightful to behold.  His complexion was the unmistakable sallow pallor of the Reviled.


A Snippet from Chapter Six of The Reviled, where Gairynzvl reveals himself to Ayla for the first time:

Panting with exhaustion, he moved toward the darkness, half carrying Ayla, half dragging her as his strength was not much greater than her own.  She stumbled along beside him, crying, though no longer screaming in pain, and for that, he found he was inexplicably thankful.  When the light of the mirror could no longer reach him in any fashion and he was, once again, cloaked in cool, soothing shadow, he stopped, lowered her carefully to the floor and stood over her, his head tilted upward, his eyes closed and mouth open as he breathed in the darkness deeply.  His mind spun with echoes of writhing pain; his flesh burned with the memory of flame; his heart hammered in his chest and his entire body trembled with uncontrollable fatigue.

Gazing up at him in the darkness, Ayla considered him carefully, amazed beyond description.  He stood over her, but did not threaten or intimidate her; he merely stood, almost vigilantly.  Was he protecting her in the darkness?  She looked more closely at him, now that he was no longer bathed in searing light nor submersed in shadows that he had drawn to himself, and she was amazed that she did not see the Dark One she had seen when she first looked upon him, when her fear had given her eyes the freedom of creating a demon.  In fact, as he stood over her, breathing unsteadily, visibly trembling and with the water of tears still wet upon his face, she realized she had woefully misjudged him.


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Beautiful Original Artwork by HJGArt

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