A Night at the Temple- A #YAFantasy #Teaser of #DarkFey Standing in Shadows


Under the protection of myriad lighted torches, which lined the main thoroughfare leading to The Temple, a steady stream of villagers soon began to approach from the forest depths where they made their homes, following the direction of a hand delivered invitation to dine and celebrate with the Healers, Temple Guardians and The Elders.  Such a summons was not to be ignored, regardless of how exceptional such a happenstance might be or the brisk temperatures of early winter, and nearly every member of Hwyndarin turned out in their finest regalia, progressing with unconcealed curiosity along the brightly lighted way as the early winter sun slipped beyond the sill of the world. A crisp evening breeze swept over the vast congregation, hastening their otherwise leisurely pace, as the warmth and glimmering crystalline light of The Temple beckoned.

The immense complex was off limits to all but the most fortunate, or to those who came to the ancient halls to increase their spiritual understanding or their physical health, yet most inhabitants of Hwyndarin had never stepped within the glimmering golden portals and many would spend their entire lifespan without ever even glimpsing the sanctuary, healing wards or schools of learning inside the surrounding fortified walls. Yet now, as the extended family of Fey drew together and filed through the massive gates in couplets and triplets, a palpable hush descended. Above them, from towering spires and parapets, a bright, clear, exuberant fanfare of horns rang out, welcoming all and echoing into the gathering darkness as if to chase it back into the forest depths by the sheer joy of its harmonious sounds.

As the crowds of curious Fey gathered into the Temple and were ushered by hovering guides upon golden wings into a vast chamber encircled by immense pillars of marble and gold, and shielded from the gales of winter by broad windows of multicoloured glass, musicians who were awaiting their arrival upon a small dais in one corner of the room began playing. Large flutes intricately carved of rich-toned woods, silken-stringed lutes that sang as the sweetest birds, deep drums and handheld circles of shimmering bells accompanied two players of the magical, mystical Hundarin. An instrument created by and for The Fey of the Light, the Hundarin reflected in musical tones the mood and emotion of the musician, who, through a great deal of application, could learn to control the music created and even direct its sounds. As the festively decorated hall filled with the soft sounds of this ethereal music, neighbors and friends found seats at long tables, or milled about in small groups, or stood in doorways quietly whispering, or watched the musicians playing, or strode about the chamber marveling at the artistry and workmanship of the architecture and stone work, all awaiting the mystery of what the night held in store.

The Chamber of Jollity sparkled in the light of candles, torches and frosted lanterns of colored glass; reflections shimmering from the polished marble floors and the many golden statues and tablets containing ancient inscriptions that lined the hall.  Amidst this dancing light, the Fey of Hwyndarin sat at long tables set with a feast, laden with baskets of breads and succulent Autumn fruits, platters of steaming vegetables fresh-picked from winter gardens, crockery filled with hearty grains and energizing seeds cooked to perfection with dried fruits and nuts, goblets of fortifying wine and flagons of mead, and fragrant herbs and oils to compliment all.  Laughter and music cascaded and echoed through the circular chamber like the tumbling, ‘plashing waters of Veryn Falls and the chattering of Fey, like swarms of contented bees, hummed unceasingly.

***An excerpt from Dark Fey:  Standing in Shadows****


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Beautiful Original Artwork by: Kazumasa Uchio

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