Demon Under the Mountain- A World Full of Mysteries and Surprises



The Demon Under the Mountain tells the story of Shay Manheim, a young woman living on a remote imperial colony, a newly discovered island at the edge of the world.

Shortly after her mother’s departure for the mainland, the wildlife becomes infected with a strange madness, leading to the death of her father and little brother. With the aid of an infernal demon tied to her bloodline, Shay tries to uncover the mysteries of Ingwald’s Island – the scheming of foreign Knights, frothing Mudbeasts, and vomiting Wizards.

5-Star Review by Rebecca Graf

The Demon Under the Mountain starts off with action, deadly action. There is a war. Innocents perish. Revenge is high on the list for some. Debts of honor are created. This is a story that a fantasy lover should check out.

The story is one that has so many twists and turns that it kept my interest from the beginning. Multiple story lines are interwoven to show that things usually aren’t unique in the world, even in one as fantastical as this one.

One aspect I enjoyed was that the list of characters covers nearly every level of society – from the high-born to the orphans. Knights, warlocks, and regular squires all interact to push this storyline along. They all have a part to play and are not just decorations for a scene.

It’s worth mentioning that this is not a story for children. There is violence and strong language. Neither is used to the extreme, but it is present. An adult story with themes familiar to us all.

This story is well-written with just enough description to fill in the scene and characters without going overboard and taking all the reader’s imaginative skills away from them. It was easy to read as I moved along with the story and was able to just enjoy the plot.

The world is unique yet relatively restricted to one island. But that doesn’t stop the writer from giving us peeks into the rest of the world, or at least the lands closest to them with hints at those further afield. We see lands far away, as well as the people there who impact the everyday lives of the island even though they are trapped by a money hungry enemy.

A wonderful read that will keep you entertained. A world full of mystery and surprises that will keep you turning the pages. Give this read a try. I don’t think you’ll regret it.


Jakob Ævarsson is a Philosophy teacher from Iceland who spent too much time in university, collecting degrees with limited utility. He is a fantasy author, metal musician, and an overbearing helicopter-parent to an adorable baby girl.


Original review found on Discover Reedsy

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