Echoes of the Storm #BookReview- A #SpaceOpera Symphony!


A rebel double-crossed. A world fallen. And one relentless enemy who will not rest…

A B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree.
Jack Gamble is a shattered man. His lover betrayed him. His contacts in the resistance are scattered. And his best friend may be dead.

With the Galilei Empire closing in, Jack’s ship is intercepted by mercenaries under the command of Captain Ben Stone. Can Jack turn him to his cause, or will Ben turn him?

But Jack can’t afford any emotional entanglements. Not now. He has a rebellion to win and a home world to reclaim before the planet and its people are lost forever.

If you like action-packed science fiction adventure with undercover spies, ace pilots, special forces teams, wild battles, and a slow-burn romance, then this space opera is the book for you.


My 4-Star Review

When a story begins by questioning the end, you know you’re in for a turbulent, action-packed ride.  Echoes of the Storm lifts off into the stratosphere and catapults the reader into another time and place.
There isn’t a great deal of initial expository writing to transport the reader. Chapters upon chapters are not devoured setting the stage; instead, the author shapes the world she’s creating through the characters and their interactions and reactions to things as simple as supper and as complex and technologies that are commonplace to them (though alien and wondrous to us!).  It’s an ingenious device that saves time and has the added benefit of creating complex, relatable characters that are likable, disagreeable, intense, annoying and confusing.
Speaking of complex characters…enter MC Jack Gamble.  A man in the aftermath of betrayal, we meet him as he is fleeing his home and joining a resistance band of equally complex characters who are fighting against the Galilean Empire.  Led by an evil overlord intent upon suppressing Jack’s home planet and, if he can, the galaxy, this man is not only a vile monster with delusions of grandeur, but he just happens to be the man who betrayed Jack and tore his world apart.
Can Jack set aside his own feelings of resentment and his need for revenge so he can support the resistance without carrying more luggage than a cargo scow?  Life is never that simple and life in the far distant galaxy where Jack squares off against former lover Ari Norse, it’s equally complex, creating a story filled with unexpected plot twists, political power plays, insecurities, violence, friendship and a captivating imagination that binds it all together.
If you love the sumptuous sweeping sagas of Star Wars and/or Trek, beam yourself up a copy of this book today

About Charlene Newcomb

U.S. Navy veteran.
Mom to 3 grown, amazing children.
I live in Kansas. Yes, Toto. Kansas.

Born & raised in South Carolina, I wanted a life of adventure and travel. I realized my dreams of hitting the big time with the all-girl rock band Liberation were just that – dreams. And becoming an astronaut wasn’t in the cards. So I joined the Navy to see the world and spent six years as a communications technician/voice language analyst. I fit college into my life (BA in History, and many years later an MA in Library Science). That desire to travel in space translated into writing science fiction: I published 10 short stories in the Star Wars Expanded Universe between 1994 and 2009. Check out my novels: new in 2020, a SciFi space opera – Echoes of the Storm; a contemporary drama, Keeping the Family Peace; and, my medieval historical fiction series Battle Scars, which allows me to share my love of history with readers.


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