A #ThankYou to You from Me: My #PoetryBook Entirely #FREE

My newest release, and long overdue, Poetry Book is now Available. YOU made this possible, through your Support, Friendship, and Encouragement since day one! Because I appreciate YOU so much I’ve made Whispers FREE through Friday the 12th 🙂

Grab your copy Now

Whispers in Verse is a collection of Subtle, Gentle Poems that Encompass the Beauty of a Quiet Hush; the Serenity of Lush Calm; and the Tranquility of Stillness that Transcends place and time. It is a Journey into the Heart to Discover what Stirs the Spirit and a Vision of the Memories we have unintentionally forgotten.
Immerse yourself in Lyrical, Exquisite Poetry and Remember the Magic of Breath, Pulse, Earth and Sky!
. 😊 Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman is #17 in Poetry about nature. Whispers in Verse…#38. 😲
I am Blessed and Truly Thankful ❣
As always Whispers is also FREE on Kindle Unlimited 🙂
I hope you enjoy what YOU Helped to create through your Generous Kindness. Thank You! 🙂

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