Non-Stop, Edge-of-your-Seat #Fantasy- A #5star, Full-Throttle #Review


I simply had to share the extraordinary review of Clandestine… Book Two of the Mercy Series.
” I’ll try to tone down my excitement this time, guys. I’m sorry for shouting at you all. Actually, I’m not. Because once again—
And that’s just the beginning 😁

The year is 2446. After nearly a century-long search Tzadkiel, Archangel of Mercy, has found the one merciful person left on Earth. His task is nearly complete with Lourdes at his side. Nothing but his conscience stands between him and releasing the Final Horseman, Death, from his waiting place.

Although they managed to escape the tyrannical ruling faction, Tzadkiel needs to find a place to keep Lourdes safe. Love blossoms as they cross the French countryside in search of a sanctuary, while a ruthless soldier clings to their trails. Determined to take revenge on The Archangel and claim Lourdes for himself, this unscrupulous officer will go to any lengths to get his hands on them.

How far will an Archangel go to protect one person?

Love, rage, lust and blissfully sweet romance fuel this non-stop, edge-of-your-seat fantasy that blends a medieval dystopian future with the supernatural world of angels and demons.

An Excerpt from the Review:

Last style point— TENSION. Good grief, the romantic tension. That’s another reason that I had to stop so frequently. I’ll preface by saying this: I am a very expressive reader. If you watch me read, you’ll know exactly how I feel. So, this book is ROMANTIC. I put it in all caps and bold so you’ll know how important this is to me. Because it’s not the type of romance that’ll make you fan yourself and hide your phone screen. No, no, no. This is like squealing out loud in my car and beating the steering wheel while you blush like a little school girl (I did all of these things). This is the best, innocent style of romance. I was melting in my seat, you guys. I was eating lunch and telling my coworkers about it. It’s been a looooong time since I read anything that was this romantic without being smutty.

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