Living the Dream – A Brief Perspective on #Success

Here I am into Week Two of the Master’s Class Im taking to learn the industry better, understand just how to find the right agent, and then how to perfect my pitch and target my proposal. Doing a lot of research and SURPRISE SURPRISE 🙂 One thing I’m noticing across the board is that most of the authors represented by the agents I’m looking at have Amazon Ratings that are the same as, or LOWER, than mine!!!
No, Please understand, This isn’t me trying to brag….well…ok maybe the tiniest little bit,….but more its about how we as Indie or Non-Traditionally Published authors see ourselves.
All our lives we’ve seen the giants. We’ve watched their movies, read their books, and craved their success. I’m talking people like Stephen King, JK Rowling, and Diana Gabaldon. They are the “Golden Standard” we set our sights on, but should we? After all, they are the 10th of 1 % of published authors out there today.
What I’m saying, perhaps poorly, is maybe we’re selling ourselves short (pun intended 😏) I’ve often seen being somewhere in the 100K ranking some sort of failure on my part, but the simple mathematical truth is….(Ok, maths has never been my strongpoint and I confess I used an online tool to figure this out…but just for the sake of accuracy ) 😉 There are roughly 3.5 million books available on Amazon today. If you’re in the 100K rankings like I am, then we fall within the top 3% of all the books on Amazon
(100000 is 2.8571428571429% of 3500000)
My point? Don’t beat yourself up and certainly dont give up. You are already LIVING THE DREAM!!!

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