The Love Affair – #LovePoems & #Words

Love Affair

***This Amazing Poem was written by my Good Friend Ste J from the book blog Book to the Future found at: Not only has he captured in the most eloquent language precisely how I feel about Words, but his USE of words is, in my humble opinion, Breathtaking. I couldn’t simply reblog it and hope a few might wander over to his blog to read it in its entirety. I had to share it wholly and completely. My Tribute to his Tribute to Our Shared Love Affair with Words.


Lilting, coruscating, amorphous

The simple serendipity of a thesaurus,
The nebulous wonder of infinite word combinations, linked together like the great constellations.

Sultry, dulcet, ebullient

Words. Sometimes a harbinger, at times a denouement but always a panoply of reverence in one’s own demesne.
Whether the susurrus of turned pages or the sonorous language contained within,
The full flow of expression written and imbibed, is mine to cherish and cultivate.

mellifluous, sumptuous, tranquil

A pure rhapsody of ever-changing felicity,
suffuse with redolent comprehension.
The zenith of my love surrounds me always, infused within, now and for tomorrow.


Thank You Ste J. Utterly Profound. Simply Beautiful.

Image found at which shows a dictionary of thieving slang from 1736

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