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Friendly Fairy Tales Blog

Please permit me the privilege of presenting the pleasing and positively pleasant Brenda Davis Harsham of Friendly Fairy Tales Blog found here: http://friendlyfairytales.com . Its the fairy magic that brings out the alliterations in me, but its Brenda that brings the smiles! Her glorious gardens for gazing, her prolific pleasing prose, the fanciful friendly fairies fluttering freely, and the sprinkling of softly spoken sagacity that brings me back to her beauteous blog again and again (and again and again!). When Brenda agreed to share her smiles and some secrets in this weeks In The Lime Light, I knew I would Love hearing what she had to share and I was in no way disappointed by her answers. Read on and enjoy her vim and verm, her wit and wisdom for yourselves 😉

About Your Blog:

Tell us about your Blog.
Friendly Fairy Tales is a place of magic where stories are born from the broth of words, stirred by imagination, stripped down to the bones. Poetry, photography and fairy tales celebrate nature and all the possibilities it sparks in our minds.

What Inspires you and Sparks your Imagination?
Nature, literature, song and people give me constant inspiration. Translating that inspiration into stories is the work of a lifetime.

Your blog boasts Poetry as well as Photography, do you have a favourite?
I’m not sure if you mean do I prefer poetry above photography or the converse OR if you mean do I have a favorite poem or photograph. I prefer the magic that happens when poetry springs from a photograph, bringing with it the memories of that moment in my life. I can’t pick a favorite poem or photograph. That would be like picking a favorite child, and I would never try to do that. They are all memories and songs of my heart.

Do you have any upcoming events or projects, books, promotions, giveaways?
I am sadly lacking any of those. What a slacker I am!! I am entertaining my children to the summer of their dreams (I hope), and burnishing story ideas whenever I have the chance. And I can’t help taking new pictures and writing new poems, because that is like breathing to me.

Brenda H

About YOU:

I was a sad little girl for so many reasons, but I had an epiphany in my early twenties that the secret of being happy was to declare that it was so. And so I have endeavored to do that, with more assurance and authority ever since, and dang if it hasn’t worked!

Brenda’s Bio:
A lifetime of nature observation collided with my love of fairy tales, giving birth to my blog. I do extensive research and use true stories about animal behavior in my writing. I’ve been published, and my writing has won hundreds of awards. I’m hard at work on a multitude of children’s book manuscripts. I hope to have one traditionally published soon. In addition, I’m a wife, a mom of three imaginative kids and a survivor.

Describe yourself in Five Words.
Phoenix reborn reclaiming happiness deliberately.

Tell us about something from your childhood that sparked the creativity bug inside you.
I’ve always had my own inner world, with a wise voice that helped me keep my balance in a rocky world. That inner voice taught me that telling myself stories was more fun than replaying disappointments and mistakes in a hyper critical way. Being a perfectionist is no picnic. Get off that train if you suffer from the same impossible expectations that I did. Unless you’re writing, in which case, edit, edit, edit. LOL

If you could go anywhere, do anything, regardless of expense, describe your Perfect Day.
I would have a tea party with my kids and all our friends in the Musee d’Orsay, right in full view of the Van Gogh collection, and not a drop of food would cling to my frock and not a bit of damage would happen to the art. We would then go paint plein air in Monet’s garden. Then we would take a helicopter to Provence, where we would lie on lounge chairs in a field of lavender, the fragrance surrounding us as we gaze at the milky way, in all its glory. Not a single bug would impinge on our moments of perfection. Then we would all teleport home to sleep in our own beds. (Oh I want to go along with you! Sounds Absolutely Magical!)

If you could invite Five People (from the past or present) to a dinner party, who would you invite and why?
Oh, my, such scope for the imagination. I’m quite overwhelmed. Frida Kahlo, Robert Frost, Henry David Thoreau, Ogden Nash, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain. Oh, I can’t choose, I can’t!

What makes Life Worth Living?
Art, Family, Love, imagination, Faith, joy, Dreams, Nature. I want it all!


SEE I told you it would be an Entirely Enjoyable Experience 🙂

Thank You Brenda for Sharing your insights with us. Im so Glad you agreed to be In The Lime Light!


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