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Welcome Back Saturday, OH How I missed you! And Welcome Back intrepid reader, visitor or lost soul in search of something interesting to read…You’ve found Booknvolume and my weekly spotlight of an other Author or Poet, Photographer or Artist. You’ve popped by just in time to meet Dorinda Duclos, poet extraordinare and author of Night Owl Poetry (found here: http://www.dorindaduclos.com )

Born in New Jersey and raised in Brooklyn, NY & New Jersey, Dorinda is a Jersey girl at heart. She spent her later years in life seated behind the canvas, painting, creating and in between, writing. Then she discovered that putting feelings and thoughts to paper helped her solve life’s little conundrums and it became the norm. Now she lives in the northern part of New Jersey with her husband and two children, who inspire her to be herself! Her daughter handles all her social media/book signings & her son is the cover artist for all her books. I call that AWESOME 🙂 Dorinda currently has four poetry books available on Amazon, with numbers 5, 6 & 7 in the works, as well as a work of fiction that still has yet to find a name. Amidst all the writing, Dorinda took a few moments to chat with me about all that inspires her creativity, so without further ado (as there is much about it as it is) (yes, there you go, my stock Shakespeare reference out of the way)

Hello Dorinda, Thanks for stopping by.
First let me say, Thank You, Morgan, for honoring me with “In The Lime Light”. I appreciate your kindness and generosity in sharing my blog with your readers. Most of all for your friendship over these past two years as I try to find myself.
Blush 🙂

Please introduce us to your Blog. What is it all about? What sorts of posts do you lean towards?
My blog is Night Owl Poetry, (although the URL for it is my name). My family actually named my blog, Night Owl Poetry. I write in the wee hours of the morning, usually waking up my husband as I crawl out of bed and run to my office before I miss a thought!! (I’ve since rectified that by keeping my phone nearby for emergency writing, lol) He, is an owl lover, and there you have it ~ Night Owl Poetry.
I’m sure you now know by the name that poetry is what it’s all about, although I do throw some other things in between. It started out as a platform for current events, world news, etc. After a while I realized everyone was doing that and four months later I switched to strictly poetry. I write about anything and everything. My poetry is me.

What Inspires and stirs your creativity?
That’s easy. Everything!! A leaf falling, a running stream, a moonlit night or a chipmunk foraging for food. Nature is a beauty we are surrounded by every day. I could not imagine anyone not being inspired by it.

What Message, if any, do you hope to Share through your blog/posts?
Don’t be afraid to write whatever is in you!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I write about love, I write about darkness. Everything I write about defines me as a person. When I write, I hope that the reader can identify themselves in the words.

How has your blog helped you as a writer/Indie Author? What things have you learned along the way that you never anticipated?
I’ve learned that it’s ok to release feelings long kept inside, to be able to reach so many with a single word. It’s a peaceful feeling.


Tell us about your book(s):
I have five poetry books currently available on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00LE97O5K) , two of which are part of a trilogy of fantasy poetry (inspired by your Friday Fantasy theme). The other three are collections, inspired by everyday life. I like to mix them up throughout the books so the reader is not stuck on one particular subject for too long.
The books are:
Night Owl Poetry – Musings of the Night Owl Poet
Marrow of the Soul – A Collection of Poetry from the Heart
Pieces of Life – A Poetry Collection
A Flight of Imagination – Realm of Fantasy (Book One )
A Flight O Imagination – Illusion of Fantasy (Book Two)

The third book in the trilogy, Spirit of Fantasy, will be released in winter 2016 (February), followed by a collection of poetry in Spring 2106 (April/May, in time for Mother’s Day!). I’d also like to point out that the cover art designs for my books, are done by my children, Jonathan & Alyssa! I’m extremely proud to have both of them involved in making my visions come to life! Like I said earlier, my poetry is me. You can learn a lot about me when you read one of my poems. The pictures I include are only used to accent the words. The real passion is what I have inside, almost a fire, if you will. Sometimes the fire is a low flame, sometimes it roars, and sometimes it rages, but it never goes out.


What do you feel is your best advice to share with other aspiring authors?
Never give up on your dreams. It’s so easy to make them come true these days. Do it for yourself. You’re the one who matters the most. Don’t worry about anyone or anything else.

Now the hard part, Let’s talk about YOU


If you had to describe yourself to someone who has never met you, what might you say?
Hmmmm, I’ve never given this much thought. I guess I would have to say that I am loyal to a fault and very passionate about my family and my writing. I learned the hard way about loyalty and that’s all I’ll say about that. I don’t believe I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for the support I get from my husband, my children and my mom. They make me believe in myself, something I admit was/is very difficult for me to do.

If you could meet one person from the past, who might it be and why?
Robert Frost. His poetry strikes many chords with me. I would love to sit down, with a cup of coffee, and just talk with him. About nothing, about everything. I think it would a fascinating experience.

When you are NOT writing, what is your favourite pastime?
Downtime with my hubby, in the Poconos. Spending time with my Mom. Laughing with my kids. I guess you could say my family is my favorite pastime!!

Describe Your Dream Getaway Destination. Have you ever been there? What makes this place Irresistible to you?
Hawaii, specifically Maui. I’ve been there, but haven’t been back. I could write for a lifetime there. Majestic mountains, and volcanoes, springs and the Pacific ocean, rainbows every morning, tropical beauty and most of all, tranquility.

What “Charity” or “Cause” do you feel passionately about & Why?
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (http://www.nationalmssociety.org/?gclid=CI64q4jc4cgCFU8WHwodUbYNdA) and the Transverse Myelitis Association (https://myelitis.org/living-with-myelitis/disease-information/#tm)
MS because my aunt, who is a huge inspiration to me, suffers from this dreadful disease.
TM because I was stricken with it in 2006. I am one of the very lucky ones but I still battle it on a daily basis.
These two charities are closest to my heart.

Dorinda, I am so Delighted to Share a bit about you here on Booknvolume. You’ve been a help to me in my own writing career, we’ve written together, shared Inspiration more times than I can count and, hopefully, one of these fine days we’ll meet in person. Until then Dance in the Light you Create with the Beauty of your Words!

You can also find Dorinda Here:

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/NightOwlPoetry
Twitter – http://twitter.com/DorindaDuclos and http://twitter.com/NightOwlPoetry
Google+ – http://plus.google.com/+DorindaDuclos
Tumblr – http://dorindaduclos.tumblr.com/

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