The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman by Robin Gregory – #ComingofAge #YA #MagicalRealism #BookReview



Moojie is a heart-warming and lovable little soul, set adrift upon a great adventure with many challenges stacked against him, both from the outside world as well as his own body and mind.

The story is fanciful and delightful, while poignant and, sometimes, harsh; yet it is expressed through imaginative beautiful language, characters and emotions that not only draw the reader into Moojie’s world, but into his heart and soul.

Breathtaking unreality unfolds page by page through magical mystery that changes Moojie’s life forever; yet the “coming-of-age” underlying theme does not detract from the enchantment that Robin Gregory spins with charming zeal throughout.  I was swept off to mystical realms while I connected with many of Moojie’s challenges on a deeply, personal level.  I remembered the ‘neverland’ of my own youth and the fears of the world just beyond my own doorstep.

Vibrant, Whimsical and Profound, all at the same time, Moojie’s story will fill your mind with sweeter days and, perhaps a few painful memories, but as you share his journey into a rich new world of hope and adventure, you will enjoy each marvelously crafted word.

No Holds Barred:   5-Stars.

Discover Moojie’s story for yourself:




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