Mercy Amongst the Merciless – A #5Star #SpeculativeFiction #BookReview


Delighted to share the newest 5-Star Review of Misericorde: The Mercy Series Book One.

Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2021

Misericorde by Cynthia Morgan is a post-apocalyptic romantic drama set in France circa 2446. Captain Levesque is charged with the custody of Tzadkiel, taken prisoner while undertaking a sacred mission. Levesque finds his authority undermined by his unit medic Philippe, who takes a sadistic interest in experimenting on Tzadkiel. The captive is discovered to possess superhuman qualities, yet Philippe drives him to his breaking point. Lourdes, a lowly maid, takes pity on Tzadkiel and conspires to free the detainee. Only Tzadkiel wonders whether her pity is truly the divine quality of mercy he has been commissioned to find amidst a depraved and amoral humankind.

The theme of conscience resonates throughout the storyline as both Levesque and Lourdes risk their own welfare in considering the plight of Tzadkiel. Brigyda and Chevalier are among the protagonists who are faced with similar conflicts as the forces of evil dominate the primitive philosophies of the futuristic realm. There is no reward for anything other than blind obedience to the evil Protectorate. Yet Tzadkiel must endure to determine whether there is a shred of compassion left among them.

For speculative fiction buffs and romantic fantasy lovers, Cynthia Morgan’s Misericorde is one you can’t miss!

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