The Crown of Amiriel by Shade Rachea – #Books Worth #Reading

Despite her unstable powers, Warrior Princess Raynin is the most powerful fighter in the Guardian Realm. She’s also the most loyal.

After Raynin is named heir to the coveted Crown of Amiriel, the most powerful object in all the realms, she and her best friend Riley are forced to flee the kingdom and seek refuge in another realm to avoid death.

Soon, that realm is thrust into an unexpected war against a merciless king, forcing Raynin and Riley to make new alliances and learn to trust and rely on others. With the help of their friends, Raynin and Riley must fight to stay alive while trying to get a grasp on their powers and find the Crown before anyone else gets to it.

But the king has sent more than one assassin after them and the Crown, making staying alive that much harder.

Amazon 5 star review by Joshua Griffith who called it “An Action Packed Story”

“I love this one, it’s like Merlin meets Firefly! From the first few pages, the story snares you and never lets go. There’s plenty of action, drama, royal backstabbing, sword fighting and magic that will have you greedily turning the pages just to see what happens next and just in the first two chapters! The story seems like a typical fantasy in the beginning, royalty, peasants, medieval times, but then *dum dum dum* there’s actually technology like airships, cars, guns and computer training simulators. It a great story revolving around two teenage royalty that embark on a quest to find the seven missing pieces of the crown of Amiriel, which sets war into motion to prevent this from happening. I don’t want spoil it with details but I do suggest reading this one, you won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend it!”

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Shade Rachea is an American Young Adult Fantasy author and Creative Writing instructor. Her debut novel, The Crown of Amiriel, was released earlier this year and is the first of the series. Currently, she lives in California with her family and dog, Auro, and enjoys reading romance and fantasy books as well as shopping for books and shoes. When not writing, she can be found traveling and attending concerts and music festivals with friends.

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