King of Spades a #Conspiracy #Thriller by Ever Eden


The first book in a series of high-action, conspiracy sci-fi thrillers following Agent Cleo Darkrose, a lethal female agent working for a secret organisation who puppeteers the world from the shadows.

MDS train their elite agents at an unclassified installation in the desert. Agent Cleo Darkrose is lethal.

Orders are to neutralise some conspiracy theorist planning a devastating terrorist attack on The Outside. But there’s a catch; this ‘patriot‘ used to be one of theirs and her superior wants his family for safe-keeping.

Between hunting her target and working with a hastily dumped ex-lover, Cleo is running out of time, trying to keep her flawless success record while her shadowy world fragments.

5 Star Amazon Review by YR Lewis

Action immediately graces the first page, drawing you into a story of deceit and misuse of power.
Dangers unravel, and secrets are revealed cautiously leaving you guessing to the end.
The main character has a real strong sense of justice as well as having a balance between femininity and robustness. The writer presents Cleo as a charismatic woman who drives the events from scene to scene with candour and a strength you admire.
The novel is fast-paced, and the character’s fresh point of view allows it to be funny at times. I could not put the book down and I am looking forward to the next part in the series because the story has left me wanting more.
This book is a must read and only the beginning of an amazing adventure I intend to take with the author Ever Eden. I recommend this novel to everyone of all ages. When is the next book out? I can’t wait.


Formerly a contributor and journalist for digital and print media, Ever Eden reported from activist circles in the period after 9/11. Her hands on experience with the changing of culture and the emergence of a different world inspired and cultivated her already-ingrained passion for writing fiction containing action and core human values as well as sci-fi elements.

Ever Eden grew up in Australia, in an old house the neighbours said was haunted. She wrote her first trilogy at age 13, involving a group of teens responsible for a murder in outback Australia. She then developed her passion for story-telling with short stories, novellas, songs and poetry before she stumbled into the world of Agent Darkrose.

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