Unrequited Love, by E.L. Roux #Fantasy #Steamer


Amazon book description:
I might own a coffee shop, but it’s anything but normal. Magical and non-magical live in harmony, making me happy to serve them all the drinks I put my extra-special twist on. But watching Nathan, my ex-fiancé, sip lattés and ogle his new woman suppresses my seer emotions and puts a damper on my own love life.

Until Cole sweeps me up and dizzies me with kisses even as he asks me to perform a Wiccan vision quest for Nathan and his fiancé. I have to get over getting dumped or add two shots of resentment to my stinging heart—and possibly lose Cole in the process.

Heres a brief excerpt that describes one of the realms/landscapes in the book:

Nathan frowned, body a rigid line of irritation. “I wasn’t expecting you here, Jorden.”

Confused, I glanced around the magic-infused coffee shop I owned—The Top Off—and noted the smattering of small mahogany tables and brightly colored oversized cushioned chairs by the large bay windows were filled with customers. The view was normal for a Friday.

I turned my attention back to the Nathan’s hazel eyes and carefully coiffed golden-brown hair. “What are you talking about?”

He leaned against my counter, his well-dressed body one I knew intimately. His expression was concerned enough that I wanted to punch it right off his face, but I held back. I didn’t want to scare off my customers.

Nathan tugged at his ear. “We used to date.”

I clenched my teeth, unable to believe I wasted over a year of my life on him. “We were engaged.”

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E.L. Roux writes science fiction and fantasy romances filled with love, hope, and heartache. E.L. pulls from everyday life, as well as futuristic ideas, to craft stories that can be enjoyed for quick reads, or longer sojourns into an alternate reality.

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