Creative Content in Demand! – #Author #Interviews #Revision 2.0


I’ve done some research lately to learn more about SEO and how to maximize what Im writing to gain readership.  Ive learned that in today’s fast-paced world the reality is that long posts get bypassed.  Research indicates readers want to devour topics in 5 to 7-minutes and move on, so, as painful as that may be to those of us who can proliferate words at a rate that could rival Charles Dickens, it’s up to us to provide creative content, quick! We need to come up with catchy tag-lines, use keywords in repetitive groupings to increase search engine results; and use meta-data/descriptions to help those search engines guide readers to us. HUH?Yeah thats what I said.  Heres a great article if you really want to dig deeper and learn “What is SEO Content?”

I’m starting by redefining the author interviews I offer.  No longer the customary 20 questions and 1500 words, but 3 key points, a pic and a link!  Sound tough? You bet, because when it takes between 50K and 150K to tell our story, it can be brutal to try to sum it up in less than 500 words- I know; I’ve tried!  Nevertheless, this is what readers want, so this is what they’ll get!  If you’re interested in an Author Interview with SEO punch, or you want to share a Character Spotlight with pizazz, read on!

What these posts will need:

  • You’ll select THREE questions (from the list I will provide) to answer and, remember, ‘Brevity is the soul of wit!” Write your answers creatively. Your entire post needs to be 500 words or less.
  • Create a brief Bio. Think of this in terms of an introduction- how would you like to be introduced at an awards ceremony?
  • Write a book blurb for your book. Here’s an article that tells you just how “Most fiction book blurbs start with a situation (a), introduce a problem (b) and promise a twist (c). They usually end with a sentence that emphasizes the mood (d) of the story.” (What would your ad sound like if it were a movie trailer?)
  • Provide an author link (one social media link or your author page)
  • Provide your book link (ONE Please)
  • Select a pic that sells what you are promoting, hopefully your books covers or a marketing image you use.

What’s next?

  • Email your post back to me to in a word.doc format only (thank you!)
  • Include your images as separate .jpgs please
  • Make sure your links work! (No oopsies please)
  • Interviews are published on my blog on weekends in the order they are received and I will email back the link to the post once I’ve scheduled it. ****Posts cannot be viewed until they go live***(sorry)
  • If you’ve got a specific date in mind that you would like to promote, such as the release of a new book, a signing tour or any other publicity event, please let me know and I will be happy to work on scheduling a specific date that will maximize exposure.
  • MOST Importantly of all- Have Fun. If you don’t enjoy reading your post, who will?


I hope you will take me up on the offer 🙂  Thank you for allowing me to support you through my FREE Author Interviews and share your work with the world!



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