The Origin Stone – #Fantasy with a #SciFi Twist


Emily Renzi thinks she’s going crazy. After her parents move to a quiet village, she senses that something is off about the house they’re living in. Dreams of strange creatures invade her sleep, and mysterious shapes appear in the garden. Confiding in her older brother, Ru, they research the house’s background and find that a scientist disappeared there during World War II. Afterwards, sightings of strange creatures were whispered around the village. Could the creatures in Emily’s dreams and the ones rumored about be the same? And if so, what do they want from her? As she struggles to piece together the truth from the fiction, she finds out that beasts aren’t always monsters – humans, however, are a different matter.


Kathryn Rossati is an autistic author and poet who loves weaving tales of fantasy, sometimes with sci-fi or paranormal twists. Her stories tend to have themes of social acceptance and equality, without being preachy.   Kathryn has four middle grade books published under the name Kathryn Wells with Creativia, along with a debut poetry collection, and her latest book, The Origin Stone, which was recently published in March from Nuff Said Publishing.

Kathryn, what do you love most about Writing? Living a life/lives so very different to my own. It’s like being an actor, except without the CGI to be added after your scene’s been filmed. Every story has a new cast that I have to get to know, and the world can be close to my own or the complete opposite. Nothing is impossible, and exploring that is invigorating. True, there are times when trying to get the words down on paper is like pulling teeth, but the end result is worth it. I also find it incredibly therapeutic, as it eases my depression and provides me with a sense of achievement and self-worth.

Can you sum up your life story in ten words or less? Dungaree-loving Mother of Parrots obsessed with the fantastical.

Do you have a Mantra- a Quote you try to live by? Yep, as a woman on the autistic spectrum, I can have very strong interests. However, as being an author has always been my dream, my mantra is, ‘Just Write’. It refocuses me on what I truly find important so I can keep going (it’s also tattooed on my leg just in case I forget). Anyone can write, but being an author takes true commitment and passion.


I love that!  Thank you so much Kathryn for taking a few moments of your time to share your story…and your story, with BnV 🙂

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