Mrs. Varma- A View into a Culturally Arranged Marriage- #BookReview

A Note from the Author:

My book narrates the life of Julia, beloved wife of Sachin, who experiences the ups and downs of marriage and the challenges that come along with interacting with new friends and relatives too in India. She can acclimatize to different environments. Her time in India being an example where she met Vijay. Though Lalbagh Colony describes Vijay as notorious and ignorant, he gets flattered by grace and sophistication. They are trying to find a better meaning for their lives by exploring the uncertainties on their path.

I’ve drawn on many real-life experiences when writing this novel, so it is near and dear to my heart. I believe that this makes it even easier for readers to become engrossed in the story and relate to the characters – and I think that makes it a great fit for your blog and your audience.

Editorial Review

The book “Mrs Varman” offers great insights into the background of Indian heritage, the challenges faced by a couple of the same culture but with different upbringings. Julia is our beloved main character who navigates married life with Sachin along with its ups and downs. She takes a trip to India with her husband and crosses paths with Vijay, who comes from a completely different walk of life. They embark on a thrilling adventure towards an uncertain future.

You need not be brought up in a different culture to like the architectural expertise shown in ancient buildings, stylish grandeur oozing out of traditional clothes and jewelry or love from relatives and friends in India. This helped Julia deal with her varied emotions.

With the multiple characters that come to life, the story becomes more interesting. It wouldn’t end without giving you the experience of romance, thrill and adventure.

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Author Sanjeeta Behera is born in India, currently living in US. She has included some real-life experiences in the book. She did her Masters in Management Information Systems and has a passion for reading and writing.

She wanted to share her thoughts in a book and hopes people enjoy it.

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