Observation and Fragmentation: A #WritingExercise

. THIS IS A REPOST OF SUE ASHBY'S MARVELOUS BLOGPOST/WRITING EXERCISE.  I found it so intriguing and inspiring that I did the exercise myself, picking a quiet place to sit and listen, see, smell, taste and touch. (of course, it should come as no surprise that it was nearly midnight, but those of you who... Continue Reading →

Slithers – #Dark #Halloween #FlashFiction

. Shadows slithered along the deserted alleyway like writhing serpents. I stepped carefully, watching the darkened corners with the penetrating gaze of a terrified animal. Somewhere in the midst of the gloom, the one I sought had hidden himself and coming upon him unawares was perilous in the extreme. Dark tides of time washed across... Continue Reading →

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