#CharacterInteractions- When #Fey and #Eternals Collide – Part Two – #CharacterSpotlights

. Part One Gairynzvl did not need to be empathic to understand the man facing him was dangerous and he did not need to delve telepathically to know that one wrong word or movement on his part and he could be facing oblivion.  It was not a prospect he fancied, so when his lavender-ice stare... Continue Reading →

When #Fey and #Eternals Collide – Part One – #CharacterInteractions #CharacterSpotlights

. Welcome to the debut of Character Interactions!  In this first installment, you will find a unique interaction between Richard M. Anker's lead character, the Eternal Lord, Jean and the lead character of my own Dark Fey Trilogy, Prevailed Fey of the Light, Gairynzvl.  Richard's contributions are highlighted for you in italics to set his writing apart... Continue Reading →

Slithers – #Dark #Halloween #FlashFiction

. Shadows slithered along the deserted alleyway like writhing serpents. I stepped carefully, watching the darkened corners with the penetrating gaze of a terrified animal. Somewhere in the midst of the gloom, the one I sought had hidden himself and coming upon him unawares was perilous in the extreme. Dark tides of time washed across... Continue Reading →

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