Book Review: The Glorious Between — Independent Book Review

“Book Review: The Glorious Between” Reviewed by Joelene Pynnonen A sensory feast that explores who we are without our pasts There’s a cluster of tumors in Emily’s head. They’re devouring her memories and, slowly, her life. As her life ebbs, she asks Dr. Patrick Marsh to tell the story they share again and again. When…Book Review:... Continue Reading →

Book Bloggers Appreciation | October 2020 💻 — A Book. A Thought.

💫 Hi, my beautiful friends, I hope you’re having the most amazing day. ❤️ This is a blog post series, where every month I’m highlighting a series of blog posts, from around the book blogger community, that I enjoyed reading or that I think are amazing and deserve more love and recognition. With this, I hope to be […]Book... Continue Reading →

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