Polar Heat #BookReview & #CharacterInterview

. Polar bear shapeshifter Russell Tadzea is content with his rather isolated life in a small central Alaskan town. He has friends, work and a congenial, yet cautious relationship with his family. That is until the arrival of a kindergarten teacher from the lower 48 blows Russell's comfortable world to pieces. One whiff of Riley... Continue Reading →

#CharacterInteractions- When Fey and Eternals Collide – Finale- #CharacterSpotlights

. Part One Part Two Part Three . His thoughts filled with violence as the frenzy of bloodlust took hold of the Eternal and, when he bared his teeth at the Fey, Gairynzvl understood clearly just what purpose his glinting fangs served.  Rather than back away in fear, however; he flexed his powerful wings with... Continue Reading →

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