The Melding of Aeris by D. Wallace Peach #BookReview

. Generations ago, the realms fell to fire. The Burn–the only means of destroying a lush land so manipulated by man that while its crops sated hunger, they poisoned the flesh. Now the wilderness slowly reseeds, hard lessons learned through starvation, displacement, and poverty. What remains for nature’s tinkerers? Pathway, the coveted distillation that enables... Continue Reading →

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman by Robin Gregory – #ComingofAge #YA #MagicalRealism #BookReview

. Moojie is a heart-warming and lovable little soul, set adrift upon a great adventure with many challenges stacked against him, both from the outside world as well as his own body and mind. The story is fanciful and delightful, while poignant and, sometimes, harsh; yet it is expressed through imaginative beautiful language, characters and... Continue Reading →

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