#CharacterInteractions- When Fey and Eternals Collide – Finale- #CharacterSpotlights

. Part One Part Two Part Three . His thoughts filled with violence as the frenzy of bloodlust took hold of the Eternal and, when he bared his teeth at the Fey, Gairynzvl understood clearly just what purpose his glinting fangs served.  Rather than back away in fear, however; he flexed his powerful wings with... Continue Reading →

#CharacterInteractions- When #Fey and #Eternals Collide – Part Three – #CharacterSpotlights

. Part One Part Two “Purpose! I have no purpose, unless it is killing time in awaiting the end? Being alone?             “You’ll always have me,” whimpered the man on the floor. “Always.” Jean silenced him with a kick.             “Must you feel the need to demonstrate your superiority in such ways?” Gairynzvl had never... Continue Reading →

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