The Kalis Experiments- A #Sci-Fi #Fantasy #Steampunk #Mystery Epic #Read!

. The Kalis Experiments (Tides Book 1) Kindle Edition by R.A. Fisher Syrina is a Kalis: a master of disguise, assassin, and spy. Her kind has served the High Merchants' Syndicate for a thousand generations. She receives a surprising gift from her master, and she realizes something isn't right. The High Merchants don't do anything... Continue Reading →

#AuthorSpotlight with #Fantasy #Writer Jacob Peppers

. I recently met Fantasy Author Jacob Peppers via Facebook.  Really what caught my eye was the cover of his new release.  I was just drawn to the character, wondering what was happening and why he looked so distressed (so me, right?!)  So I reached out the Jacob to see if I could find out... Continue Reading →

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