#AuthorInterview with #UrbanFantasy #Writer Brhi Stokes

. Good Morning ūüôā ¬† I'd like to share a brief interview I recently held with fellow author Brhi Stokes today. ¬†A budding author, Brhi has been writing ever since she could put pen to paper and daydreaming ¬†in every spare second. ¬†C A L I G A T I O N,¬†her first published novel,... Continue Reading →

The Corsana Saga – #AuthorInterview with #Fantasy #Writer Charles Wellington II

. I recently spoke with fellow author Charles Wellington II about his new fantasy book The Phalanx Syndicate. ¬†Born in San Diego, California, Charles moved around for many years until eventually settling down in Nevada. After going to school and acquiring degrees in Fine Arts, Art, and General Studies, he finally succumbed to the wishes... Continue Reading →

Emilia: The Darkest Days – #BookReview

. Emilia: The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman's eyes by¬†Ellie Midwood This story is dedicated to all the victims of sexual slavery in German concentration camps, who had to endure inhumane suffering under the Nazi regime. For many years after the atrocities had been committed, both sides ‚Äď the abusers... Continue Reading →

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