#Writer #Blogger #Author #Spotlight- Michelle James / Book Chat Blog

Please allow me to Introduce Michelle James, Quintessential Bookie, Reviewer, and lover of words. Michelle is the author of the blog Book Chat, as well as a reliable source of Encouragement, Friendship and Smiles! About Her Blog: Tell us about your Blog. I started BookChat in June 2013 to share the books I love reading... Continue Reading →

The Love Affair – #LovePoems & #Words

***This Amazing Poem was written by my Good Friend Ste J from the book blog Book to the Future found at: https://bookmust.wordpress.com. Not only has he captured in the most eloquent language precisely how I feel about Words, but his USE of words is, in my humble opinion, Breathtaking. I couldn't simply reblog it and... Continue Reading →

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