#Writers Wanted for Brand New #Medium #Publication

Writers Challenge is brand new and needs YOU! If you enjoy participating in writing challenges and flexing your literary muscles by taking up an unscheduled and, perchance, unorthodox writing prompt, then you’d enjoy writing with us. If you’ve learned valuable writing skills from the challenges you’ve encountered along your writing journey, then we’d love for... Continue Reading →

#GuestBlogger – The Ancient Mist – #Poetry

. The ancient mist crept in slowly that night, reminding her of the friendship of razors, tucked in, under pillows while she slept. As she waited yet another night for her prince to arrive, she prayed quietly that he would be alive, that he would call to her, and set her free from too much... Continue Reading →

E.J. Bennet – #AuthorSpotlight

This Weekend's Author spotlight is on Enesha Bennet author of the YA/Fantasy novel, Secrets of the mind and also the children's book author of My little brother which features her own children. E.J Bennett is a stay at home mom of two young children, a girl age 5 and a boy age 2. Due to her... Continue Reading →

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