A Starting Point


Book blogs, review rendezvous, spotlight sprees, hype headquarters, and chutzpah hullabaloos.  What do they all have in common?

Writers!  Word mongers and musers.  Oh, and the essential other half of the equation:  Readers!

Creation is a two-fold phenomenon.  A Yin and Yang, action-reaction, cause and effect, inception and conclusion relationship.  Writers create worlds, characters, and circumstances with which readers can connect.  Readers search for writers whose creations hold a resonance that seems to speak directly to them. It’s almost a symbiotic relationship where one cannot exist without the other.  Or at least, one cannot truly be fulfilled without the other.  

The reader reads what the writer writes, then writes about what they’ve read so other readers may also read what was written.  That’s where the aforementioned book blogs, review rendezvous, spotlight sprees, hype headquarters and chutzpah hullabaloos come into play.  Because as sure as the reader will read what the writer wrote, there are other writers who will write about what was written so readers know what to read.

Are you dizzy yet? So am I.

This is the bewildering boondocks into which each writer wanders when they put the proverbial pen to paper. This is the maelstrom that spins around us in a confusing concoction of words, phrases, jargon, lexical madness and magic that leaves all of us more than a little muddled. 

This is the realm into which Word Mongery and Musings will wander, leaving a trail  for others to follow. A trail of writings for readers and readers for writers. 




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