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Druid’s Portal – #Fantasy #CharacterSpotlight with Cindy Tomamichel

. Please allow me to introduce you to Fantasy writer Cindy Tomamichel and author of Druid's Portal. A portal closed for 2,000 years. An ancient religion twisted by modern greed. A love that crosses the centuries. An ancient druid pendant shows archaeologist Janet visions of Roman soldier Trajan. The visions are of danger, death, and... Continue Reading →

Simply Jan Gordon – #AuthorInterview

. Today I am delighted to introduce you to fellow author Jan Gordon, who writes under the name Melanie Mole. Melanie grew up in a tiny village in the wonderful countryside in England. Long walks with her dogs in beautiful scenery and winding country lanes gave her time to think and dream. Most of the time... Continue Reading →

Emilia: The Darkest Days – #BookReview

. Emilia: The darkest days in history of Nazi Germany through a woman's eyes by Ellie Midwood This story is dedicated to all the victims of sexual slavery in German concentration camps, who had to endure inhumane suffering under the Nazi regime. For many years after the atrocities had been committed, both sides – the abusers... Continue Reading →

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