About the Word Monger

I am Morgan.
Writer, Poet, Empath, Sensualist
I am spiritual
I am a metaphysical muser
I long for harmony
I share Positivity

Welcome to the world of words and musings!

Most of what I write reflects these things about me. I try to share some positive message through my stories and characters. In this world of darkness, every glimmer of light matters.  I write far more than I read, but I do also enjoy a good book.  Usually Dickens, Austin or Poe, but I have a growing list of new favorite authors….Indies in one form or another who have captured me with their creativity.  This is the reason I’ve created this blog, to have a place where I can share my thoughts about books, characters, plots, schemes and authors. Not to mention, to have a place where I connect with like-minded readers and writers.

Review Policy for Word Mongery and Musings

I am currently open to submission for reviews, author spotlights, and editorial guest posts that are book related.  These are currently offered for FREE.  My preferred genres are Speculative Fiction (Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi), Young Adult (Speculative Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi), Historical Fiction, and Romance novels that fall within the same genres.  I will consider others, but these are my favorites.  I do not consider books that contain explicit, graphic violence of a gratuitous nature, themes that promote hatred or abuse of any kind, and erotica.

While I cannot promise to review every book that is submitted, I can always offer book and author spotlights, editorial guest posts, and will gladly share any editorial reviews of your books you’d like to expand your reach on.  I also offer reverse interviews.    My review copy preference is for Kindle/ digital books.  

If interested, please complete the form below.  Your submission will be sent to me via email and I will respond from that email (so keep an eye on your junk mail, because that’s often where it will end up).  I look forward to helping you share your talents with as many readers as possible.

Thank you for stopping by.



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