A Reverse ‘View – #Clandestine- A View into being On The Run- #BookReview

Audrey Dickman

5.0 out of 5 stars
Reviewed in the United States on June 6, 2020
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In Clandestine, Book Two of The Mercy Series, the main characters Tzadkiel, the Archangel, and Lourdes, the human he sought for nearly 100 years, are on the run, trying to stay ahead of the search parties sent out by The Eminent Protectorate.  This ruling dictatorship wants the Archangel back, whatever the cost and they send the most ruthless man in their ranks to hunt him down. Eager to earn the approval of The Protectorate, Commander Sauvage will stop at nothing to succeed, to dominate an Archangel and to claim the one he protects for himself.

As the two flee into the French countryside, seeking to evade Sauvage,  they must also find a way to escape the inevitable: The Final Horseman, Death.  Although he must wait for Tzadkiel to release him, Death can unleash all sorts of calamities upon them to try to force his hand and he does.

How much will an Archangel sacrifice to find one person? Will he kill to protect them?  Can he find a Sanctuary for them before Death is released?


Audrey Dickman is a mother, licensed athletic trainer, and survival nerd who lives near Reading, Pa with her husband and daughter in an old farmhouse.  She has been the Head Athletic Trainer at a large public high school for 18 years, and through various volunteer leadership positions  at the county and state level, she attempts to increase access to quality healthcare for all student-athletes.  She enjoys hiking, rafting, hunting and swimming, and is constantly experimenting with organic food and pollinator gardening.


Tzadkiel, Lourdes, Chevalier, Travere, Dai, Sauvage, Death

What sparked your interest in this story that made you want to read it?

I had devoured the Dark Fey books, and eagerly anticipated her next work; I was not disappointed!!  Aside from that, I really enjoy the melding of post-apocalyptic survival with morals, historical fiction, and religious/fantasy “mythology” genres, which she weaves together so deftly!

Does the story remind you of any other books/movies?

Clandestine reminds me of an awesome blend between Bernard Cromwell’s historical fiction (if you haven’t read it, see “The Last Kingdom”) and Steven King’s Gunslinger opus.  It’s an excellent balancing act that draws you in and makes the story somehow feel plausible, thus allowing you to share in the emotion of the characters along the way.

Who is your favorite/least favorite character and why?

Levesque is my current favorite character, which I had not anticipated in Misericorde!!  I love a good redemption tale, especially among soldiers as I find the line they walk to be a fascinating one (morals vs orders) no matter their historical context.  Morgan nails his character and allows him to stand tall, yet I fear for him in Book 3!!

If the story was made into a movie, can you see any specific actors portraying certain roles?

Adam Driver would play Sauvage, that nasty man!!


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I’d like to Thank Audrey immensely, not only for her enthusiastic support, but for taking time out of her busy schedule to read and review The Mercy Series AND to provide her insights in this Reverse View 🙂


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