#AuthorInterview with Lesa Kay Smith

Today I would like to introduce you to fellow Author Lesa Kay Smith, who is a registered nurse from a small town in south central Iowa. Lesa felt a strong desire to write the story of the tragic loss of her middle son, Brandon, in 2008. Beautiful Gift is the story of how she found him in the afterlife, how she communicates with him, and how she- and the rest of her family- have an ongoing relationship with him.

Hi Lisa, Please tell us about your book(s):

Beautiful Gift is a memoir about a mother’s love and how she survived the wrenching loss of her son, how she searched for him and found him in the afterlife–with the help of a brilliant clairvoyant–and how their conversations across the great divide convinced her that her son wasn’t lost and blossomed into a new stage in their relationship, enlarging both of their spiritual learning and light.

What Inspired you to write your book?

After the death of my son in 2008 I started receiving signs from him on the other side, dimes mostly. Which led me to start journaling and thinking about the afterlife and what it entailed. I was also inspired to send a message of hope to others who had suffered the same great loss. I searched in many places to find some ways to cope and find direction on how to cope myself. I realized there were not many. I decided to write this book to bring that message of hope. My thought process was if I could just help one person get through this shattering grief it would fulfill my purpose.

What do you feel is your best advice to share with other aspiring authors?

Purpose and passion are a must when writing. Write about what you know and your experiences. 

To give readers an idea what you offer, are you willing to share a brief excerpt from your book? (less than 300 words, please)

I’d never tried to contact a loved one who had passed, and I had no idea what to expect or how a meeting with a medium worked. I felt totally apprehensive about what I was going to hear and learn today. But I was determined to find my son. I was shaking when I dialed the number. I heard the phone ring a couple of times.

 “Hello,” Jamie answered, in a voice so sweet and soothing it put me to ease.

I poured out my reason for calling, being careful not to give away too much information because I wanted to be sure that Jamie was legitimate- that she truly had the rare gift of what used to be called second sight.

“Is my son there?” I asked urgently, suddenly filled with excitement that I could possibly make contact with Brandon. “Yes,” Jamie said, “he is.” Then she went on to say, “I see a gun. Is that what caused your son’s death?”

What is your blog about, what do you offer on it?  

My blog offers different accounts of things that have happened and continue to happen, since my son has passed.

Why did you start your blog?

To share the stories my family has experienced.

Conversely, is there anything you find difficult to write about?

The first chapter of my book called “The Darkness” was by far the most difficult thing I have ever written. Having to dig deep and bring back what had happened was difficult. 

OK, now the part that most authors dislike…Please tell us about YOU:

If you were asked to Describe yourself in 5 words, which would you choose?

Mother, Spiritual, Grateful, Determined, Intuitive. 

When you are NOT writing, do you have a favourite pastime?

Travel and Music. 

What is most important to you?

The most important to me is family no question.


Lesa’s story is one I felt compelled to share and I hope you may also find it Inspiring and might choose to Please visit Lesa at her blog 





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