A Conversation with Two under Recognized Characters: The Cathedral and The Chapel


Cathedral: Thank you for thinking of me, thinking of us. You know not many people think about our perspectives, huh Chapel? We are just places to visit every now and then. Sure someone comes around to vacuum and dust, but do you know what it really takes to build us up? Emotion. Yes, our bricks may as well be all the great emotions. Love. Joy. Grief. Despair. Regret, even.

Chapel: Too true, my friend. We are there for lows as well as the highs. Look at Brice and Catherine.

Cathedral: It sure took them a while to come around. Those two could only see their differences for such a long time. They were so blind to how much they needed each other.

Chapel: True, true. My walls just tremble thinking about it. They lived in the same town pretty much all of their lives and didn’t see how interconnected they were until they were dead.

Cathedral: Sometimes that’s what it takes though.

Chapel: What?

Cathedral: Dying, or maybe not always something that drastic, but it can take a lot. Catherine can be so codependent, but usually on the wrong people.

Chapel: And Brice, so fiercely independent, never relying on anyone, but himself. Neither living the life God intends for them. They had their good moments, too. Like Brice standing on the bridge. That was a scary, but deep moment.

Cathedral: Or when Brice walks Catherine home that one time. If only they could have had more moments like that. More moments of caring for each other.

Chapel: Could of, would of, should of! Don’t put more regret on the situation! They have already worked through all that!

Cathedral: Yes, but did it really have to take so long? It kind of hurt. For us as well as them. They each thought it was all about them, then all about each other, but what about us?

Chapel: Yes, we were on this journey as well. What we are, what we become depends so much on people like Catherine and Brice.

Cathedral: There is so much I have always wanted to say, so I’ll say it to her; to Catherine. It really hurts to get through life. We feel that too. I feel your pain with you. I remember you crying after your mom died, I thought my paint would peel right off from the grief. I remember your tears of joy at your wedding, my windows shone with pride and jubilation. And… and how empty you felt after your miscarriage. (Long pause before continuing) I didn’t think I could hold another crowd ever again. I missed you when you were away, and my doors flew open every time you returned.

Chapel: I know what you mean. I was ecstatic to meet Brice. Even through all the ups and downs, I wouldn’t change a thing. People think our sanctuary is about protecting from dangers outside. Others think church walls divide and all of them need to be torn down, but we are only what you build us to be.

Cathedral: Too true, my friend. We are not built in one day, or even at any single point in time. No, our essence is continually being reshaped and renovated by you. Torn down and built up daily, again and again.

Chapel: Every brick a moment of loss, every splinter the deepest joy, you bring it all to us and through us.

Cathedral: We can never be the same.

Chapel: I am so happy Brice and Catherine brought us together friend.

Cathedral: So am I. I look forward to what else they heal and bring together.

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About the Author

Carole has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and one in religious studies from the University of Wyoming. She works for a non-profit and enjoys mountain life in Wyoming with her husband, kids, and dog. Carole loves cooking, drawing, painting, singing, and any other creative outlet she can pick up. She loves trying to bring to life whatever her imagination dreams up.



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