When #Life, #Death, #Mortality and Forever Tangle – #Heavensgate – A #5Star #DarkFantasy Series

Every living creature’s experience of reality is unique; therefore, life and death can be imagined in an infinite number of ways. In Heavensgate there is no line between life and death and no veil between the immortal and mortal. However, not every character realises this essential fact of their existence and those that do are quick to take advantage.

Heavensgate: Faith (Book Three)

Where the line between life and death is erased.

In the presence of Seraphim sent to despatch her violent husband’s spirit, Faith delivers a daughter – Mercy – whose miraculous birth triggers an ancient prophecy, forcing Heavensgate’s inhabitants to seek sanctuary in the high sierra.

The newborn is snatched on Lucifer’s orders, transforming the happy widow into a vengeful mother with immortal powers. Abandoned by the Creator, Faith threatens to destroy belief in both Heaven and Hell unless her lost child is returned.

The desperate search for Mercy, and the battle between good and evil, love and hate, threatens the lives of many creating conflict between the immortal sisterhood, Hope, Joy and Faith.

Only Jake’s redemption can save them… but first, he has to save himself

My 5 Star Review:

If you haven’t partaken of either book one or two, Heavensgate book three: Faith will probably leave you as muddled as its main character(s) Jacob/Jake. He’s one man, but two distinct people. One ‘good’, one, well…not so good. I wont say evil, because honestly, I like Jake. What am I saying, I love Jake! He’s the perfect, imperfect bad-boy that you love to hate, hate to love, love to love. Now, this review isn’t going to give you a bunch of spoilers because like any reviewer worth their salt, I want you to pick up these books. Talk about hidden gems! If you enjoy a great brain-twister, a hint of sex, lust, horror, romance, and good ol’ fashion ‘What-in-the-name-of-Harry-Potter’ is going on here, then you’ll find this little-known series as tantalizing as I have.

Book Three, Faith, dives right in…so don’t cheat yourself….read Hope and Joy first!!! Faith opens with a few beautiful verses about love, motherhood, and the blessing of birth- then plummets you into the tortured, vengeful mind of Jake. He’s the powerful, virile lead and alter-ego of main character Jacob. Like most split personalities, they were traumatized when they were young and have grown into two VERY different people, each aware of the other and strong enough to drive the story forward in ways that entangle the reader into their chaos and confusion.

This story delves into that confusion and chaos, spiraling everyone into a unique and entirely unforeseen variant of the traditional Good vs Evil fable. Characters find themselves on the brink of eternal damnation as well as the bliss of sweet rapture while taking readers on a demented, wild ride that will leave you breathless….for more than a few reasons!

Now, don’t be fooled. This story is about far more than a love-struck, sex-addicted man with delusions of demonhood and immortal goddesses led astray by the aforementioned rogue. Author Kane cunningly weaves the abstracts of morality and virtue into this relentless, head-spinning parable by ingeniously personifying those concepts into relatable characters readers will understand and connect with, find entirely confusing and incomprehensible, out-and-out hate, passionately adore, and, ultimately, never-ever forget!

WANT MORE?  Read on!

Jake – An Insight by Author Leo Kane

The immortal sisterhood of Hope, Joy and Faith become entangled with the key protagonist, Jake, an inimitable personality of Jacob Andersen, a shattered soul suffering from multiple identity disorder who is unable to ground himself in a single reality. Jake’s strength births a charismatic, highly sexual, psychopath who, perversely, serves evil whilst seeking redemption for both real and imagined sins whilst wreaking havoc in the lives of everyone whose path he crosses.

My beloved readers often say that crazy Jake is their favourite character. Who doesn’t love and hate a bad boy in equal measure? However, I am especially fond of the Angel Gabriel – Gabi to his friends. The androgynous, ditsy, dramatic, deceptively dangerous Gabi is a wonderful being who cannot seem to decide whether to smite Jake or kiss him. Gabi and his companion Ruby, the Angel of Redemption, are bright and fearsome Seraphim with the sharpest tongues in Creation.

Books are allegedly created by writers and my name is certainly on the covers. However, Jake often seizes the pen or wakes me in the small wee hours to bully me into writing scenes I never planned. All the sex scenes are his idea. I am too shy to contemplate putting such filth on a virgin page, therefore, I cannot say that any such scene is a favourite, they are all shameful.

Jake lives amongst angels, demons, ghosts, humans, a sweet and unappreciated husky and some downright weird characters. However, he holds special places in his dark heart for the immortal sisterhood of Hope – he hates her; Joy – he adores her and Faith who… Well, I think it’s best you find out for yourselves what he does to her because, quite frankly, I am shocked.

By the way:   If you are in any way offended by Jake’s irreverent shenanigans please remember that the Creator loves a good joke.

Heavensgate: Hope  by Leo Kane

When Jacob is a child, a mysterious girl comforts him at the funeral of the family he accidentally killed.

Years later, grieving for his lost wife and son, Jacob is at Heavensgate. He strongly believes that the dead should stay dead, but sees things other people don’t see.

Even worse, Jacob is besieged by his alter ego: the taunting, foul-mouthed, sex-crazed and dangerous Jake. A personality with a twisted sense of fun and no conscience.

Jacob battles for his sanity and soul, surrounded by supernatural enemies and allies, as he struggles to free the Keeper of the Forbidden Book and ignore the menacing pink Cadillac that drives by his lakeside lodge every night.

Wherever Jacob goes, people die, and the cops are moving in when a terrifying and seductive presence arrives on the frozen lake.

Now, Jacob will discover that even hope has a dark side.

My 5 Star Review of HeavensGate: Hope

I began reading this book with an advantage.  I had recently hosted a Character Interaction between Jacob and Jake on my blog, so I had some idea what to expect; however, as the story began to unfold, its complexities and multi-faceted layers wove a web of intrigue in my mind I could not ignore.  In fact, I could barely put the book down (though I had to) and I found myself more and more curious about the main character…or main characters, perhaps.

The authors approach is both mesmerizing and, like any hypnotist worth his/her salt, equally confusing.  Many times I had to stop and re-read, searching for the meaning behind the meaning; seeking truth where there, perhaps, wasn’t any to find.  I felt the turmoil of the characters and was drawn into their psychosis with frightening clarity.

Hope is a tale not only of Hope, but of trauma and darkness and the slippery slopes of the human psyche.  It kept me thoroughly beguiled and Im looking forward to book two of the series.

My 5 Star Review of Heavensgate: Joy

A Tumultuous tale about tortured souls.

I shall begin by saying that this is definitely not a standalone:  If you haven’t read Heavensgate Hope and think you can jump into the story in this second book, your thoughts will end up more twisted than the main characters.  Yet having stated that, I will also say that Leo Kane has written a masterful sequel to her initial story, filling page after riveting page with confusion, disarray, and enough steam to power a locomotive from the character you love to hate and hate to love: Jake.

As the story delves deeper into the incursions and capitulations of the main character, Jacob, and draws in the new, haunting character of Joy, you are lead down an increasingly twisted avenue into the darkness, connecting you in an extremely powerful way to the tortured soul(s) about which Leo write.  You begin to THINK you understand; then the carpet is pulled out from beneath you, leaving you re-reading frantically trying to figure out just what you missed.  But the truth is, you didn’t miss anything and that is the Brilliance of the author’s writing which allows you to experience the inescapable chaos of the main character(s).

I found myself emotionally and mentally drained after reading this second installment, yet thirsty for more!  Bring on Book Three, Leo…I’m ready….I think.

You can connect with Leo Kane at:




Heavensgate Website 

Amazon Author Page


You can read more about the characters of Heavensgate through a recent Character Interaction I hosted between Jacob and Jake. 



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